Building Power for Impact - Resourcing a Movement
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national support for local power.

Indivisible supports our groups by providing the resources they need to be effective advocates on the ground. Whether it’s policy guidance, assistance with local fundraising, or connections with the press, Indivisible is here to serve the leaders of our movement -- local Indivisible groups.

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Strategic Policy Guidance

Indivisible provides policy and political guidance by creating resources to demystify Congress and state legislatures to make it easy for local groups and activists to build power on their home turf. Indivisible’s online resource library is a one-stop shop for our local groups that houses call scripts, explainers, organizing toolkits, and issue-specific materials produced by Indivisible’s programmatic teams. In 2018, we produced 117 resources, ranging from healthcare to voting rights, foreign policy to environmental issues.

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Amplifying the grassroots through press support

Indivisible's press staff offers groups resources, trainings, and direct support to ensure they can engage with local media as part of their advocacy. Guidance on media skills, like giving an interview or building a media list, are integrated into the trainings groups get on other grassroots tactics. In addition to shining a national media spotlight on the work of local groups, from a cover story in TIME to frequent features on Rachel Maddow, the Indivisible model encourages groups to be influential media players in their own right.

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Policy Education into Activism

These policy resources don’t just live online. In 2018, Indivisible’s 17 organizers in the field turned these educational resources into national strategic action. Organizers worked with the hundreds of groups in their turf to strategize on effective actions, weigh state and federal priorities, and lift up questions from the field to provide groups with the most up-to-date information as the policy environment changes rapidly. With this support, groups held three national days of action with hundreds of events across the country.

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Strengthening groups through training

In 2018, Indivisible launched an expanded training program, reaching over 4,000 Indivisible group leaders and members. The largest of these efforts was six Indivisible Regional Institutes - weekends of training for 426 group leaders held across the country in Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas. Indivisible staff trained group leaders on effective organizing skills and tactics, racial justice and equity, and leadership development. Group leaders learned how to move their members up the ladder of engagement; the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion; and how to plan campaigns and build lasting partnerships. Groups were able to apply these new skills through statewide breakout sessions, which allowed them to share similar experiences of activism and plan opportunities for future coordination.

This deep investment in leadership has already made a mark. Indivisible group leaders have formed statewide coalitions to coordinate statewide strategies and joint actions. At the end of the Houston Institute, a group leader from Texas stood and said, "I realized not just that I am the leader I’ve been waiting for, but I need to help others become the leaders that they’ve been waiting for." This is the kind of outcome we seek from the Institutes -- group leaders gaining the confidence they need to own the leadership role they play so they can build strong progressive communities.

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Distributed Fundraising Model

In 2018, Indivisible launched a distributed fundraising program to empower local Indivisible groups to fundraise and cover the costs of their activism -- pizza at monthly meetings, signs and banners for events, car rentals to drive to your Senator’s district office, etc. -- without going through the hullabaloo of creating their own formal nonprofit organization. Groups are provided with the infrastructure and compliance support they need to raise money, as well as staff support for fundraising best-practices and tactics. Groups raised over $260,000 through this program, with an additional $80,000 in matching funds from Indivisible Project to help those groups continue to make a difference in their communities.