2018 Financials
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Indivisible Project and Indivisible Civics ended 2018 in strong financial positions thanks to consistent grassroots support and careful stewardship of resources. We accomplished our goals of expanding the organizing team, leading critical advocacy campaigns, and continuing to build a strong national organization to support our groups across the country.


In 2018, Indivisible Civics’ total fundraising was $4 million, and Indivisible Project’s total fundraising was $10.4 million. Note, the preliminary financial statements below include transfers from our former fiscal sponsor and between our entities under their shared services agreement, so the total revenue is higher than the amount fundraised into Indivisible Civics and Indivisible Project.

Indivisible fundraising efforts continue to be guided by the underlying fundraising philosophy -- we are driven by small dollar donations, meaning small dollar donations will always be larger than any single foundation or major gift we receive. We don’t accept money from corporations or political parties, and we will decline gifts that restrict our independence or ability to pursue our strategic vision. Learn more about our fundraising philosophy here.

2018 Fundraising from Indivisible Civics and Indivisible Project

Small Dollar - 19%; Major gifts - 31%; Foundations - 49%; Distributed - 2%

2018 Expenses from Indivisible Civics and Indivisible Project

Program - 85%; Management and General - 10.4%; Fundraising - 4.6%

Preliminary Financial Statements

Below you may find our preliminary financial statements for 2018. Organizational 990 forms will be made available as they are finalized.

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